Join the Rosendale Flooring Family: Chris, John, and Liz

Be Part of The Heart and Soul of Rosendale Flooring

Since 1979, the Carpet Store and now the Rosendale Flooring Co. have been more than just a retailer and installer of quality flooring; we've been a family. Our journey over the decades isn't just about the beautiful floors we've laid but about the strong relationships we've built with our customers and the people who work with us. We owe most of this to the people who have worked alongside us and believed in service to others. As we reflect on our past and look toward the future of RFC, we want to thank everyone who has been part of our story (you know who you are). This bond is what has created customers for us.

The Essence of RFC is Us and Our People

At Rosendale Flooring Co., the word 'employee' falls short of describing our incredible team. They are, in every sense, our family. When someone enters our showroom looking for work, they're embraced with open arms, respect, and a shared commitment to our family and theirs. We know Hudson Valley families struggle occasionally, and we take that very seriously. It's about their loyalty to us and our commitment to them and their families. This familial bond doesn't just stay within our walls; it extends to every customer interaction, making our service unique and deeply personal.

Dedication to You and Our Staff Since 1979

Our dedication to our customers began in 1979 and has grown stronger each year. We understand that choosing the right flooring is a significant decision for any home or business, and we take that responsibility with the seriousness and care it deserves. Our team, our family, works tirelessly to ensure that every customer feels listened to, valued, and satisfied with their choice.

Thank You to Our Extended Team and Family

To everyone who has ever worked with us, thank you (there are too many to name, but you know who you are). Friends, family, and even some of our customers came to work for us. Your passion, expertise, and commitment have been the cornerstone of our success, and we will never forget it. Without you, there is nothing. Together, we've weathered challenges and celebrated triumphs, constantly emerging stronger. Your contribution has been in the form of work and the joy and camaraderie you bring each day. Thankfully, today, we have created a business where families can come to trust us. That will never be lost on us. We are honored.

An Invitation to Join Our Family

If you're seeking a career that feels like home and want to be a part of our family, where your contributions are valued, and your personal growth is nurtured, Rosendale Flooring Co. welcomes you. Explore an environment where work is more than just a job and colleagues are more than just co-workers. Join us in continuing a legacy of excellence, warmth, and familial values. If you think like we do, we want you to join the family.

Family Values and Unwavering Commitment

As Rosendale Flooring Co. continues to grow, our core values remain unchanged. We're not just in the business of selling floors; we're in the business of building lasting relationships based on trust, quality, and a warm, family-like approach. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to many more years of serving you as part of the Rosendale Flooring family.