How To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Clean And Fresh

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. Hardwood flooring can bring an earthy, warm feeling to your home. And with proper care, it can last for decades. But hardwood floors can also quickly become dirty and unkempt. Floors are usually high traffic areas, and inevitably your hardwood flooring will be subjected to buildup, spills, scuffs, and other mishaps.

Keeping hardwood flooring looking fresh and clean can be difficult. Simply running a vacuum (with a beater bar), broom, or dry mop over it oftentimes may not be enough. How can you keep your hardwood floors looking clean and fresh? Keep reading to find out more about how to clean hardwood floors!

What Should You Clean Your Hardwood Floors With?

The easiest way to clean wood floors is by giving them a once over cleaning with a mop. For spot cleaning, a soft cloth or dust mop would do the trick.  If this is a deep clean, or if your floors aren’t particularly dirty, you can probably just stick to using good old vinegar and water. hardwood floor cleaner is usually not necessary.  You can make a simple and effective cleaning wood floor cleaner with just 4 cups of warm water and a little bit of white vinegar.

Ideally, you should use a microfiber string mop or wood floor mop for the best clean. Microfiber cloth mops tend to retain water and dirt better than most other mops.

If your floors are particularly dirty or have not been cleaned in a long time, use a wood floor cleaning product instead of soap. Remember to dilute it according to the instructions before mopping. If you are unsure of which specific cleaning product to use, try to use one that is recommended by the floor finisher or manufacturer.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Remember that hardwood floors don’t like water. Standing water will seep into flooring and cause damage. You need to be careful when mopping to not use too much water or to allow any water to be left behind on your floors.

One way to avoid this is to load your cleaning solution into a spray bottle and to simply spray it on the floor as needed. If you prefer to use a mop bucket, just make sure that your mop is damp and not wet before applying it to your floor. Wring out any extra water if necessary.

See dirt and grime stuck in a corner or at an angle your mop can’t reach? No problem, just grab a soft-bristled broom and sweep with the grain to dig it out.

Getting In The Cleaning Routine

The best way to keep your hardwood flooring looking clean and fresh is through preventative care. Develop a daily or weekly cleaning routine that will keep your floors spick and span as much as possible.

You should also attack spills and other messes right away. The longer you let it sit, the harder it will be to clean, and the more potential there will be for damage to the wood.

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