Join Rosendale Flooring Co's Community Coat Drive

For over four decades, Rosendale Flooring Co. has not only been a purveyor of fine flooring, infusing warmth and comfort into your homes, but we've also been a proud pillar of the Hudson Valley community. This year, as the chill of winter approaches, we're extending our reach from the floors of your homes to the very fabric of community care with our inaugural coat drive. We invite you to join us in an effort that warms bodies and hearts.

How and Where to Donate Your Coats
Join us from November 6th through December 25th and participate in a communal warmth movement. Bring your gently used coats to:

Rosendale Flooring Co.
1132 NY-32,
Rosendale, NY 12472

Decluttering with a Purpose

We all know the feeling of opening a closet packed to the brim. This coat drive is your chance to declutter with intention. Those coats that once kept you cozy but now sit unused can find new life in warming others. It's a simple yet impactful way to create space in your home and generosity in your heart.

Giving Doesn't Have to Cost
We understand that not everyone can contribute financially, but everyone has something valuable to offer. Has that coat been forgotten in the back of your closet? It can become a treasure for someone bracing against the winter cold. Rosendale Flooring Co. is proud to facilitate a giving opportunity that asks not for your money but for your kindness.

Lessons in Generosity for the Next Generation
Involving your family in our coat drive is more than a charitable act; it's a chance to teach our children the importance of giving. Let's use this opportunity to show our young ones how their actions can positively impact our community and instill the enduring value of generosity in them.

Meeting a Local Need
In our backyards, some individuals face the winter without adequate warmth. Your contribution to our coat drive can change that. We're calling on you, our customers, and neighbors to look through your wardrobes and donate what you can. Every coat counts.

A Call to Warm Hearts with Warm Coats
Every coat you donate is more than just fabric; it's a wrap of comfort, a shield against the cold, and a tangible expression of our shared community spirit. Let's band together and show how the warmth of the Hudson Valley extends far beyond our hearths and homes. Rosendale Flooring Co. is excited to lead this charge, and we eagerly await the chance to turn your donations into blessings for those in need this winter season.

Our team is ready to welcome you and your donations. For your convenience, we're accepting coats during our regular business hours. If you need more information on the best time to come by, please reach out or visit our website for the latest details.