RFC's Free Flooring Design Consultation Services

RFC's Free Flooring Design Consultation Services

Welcome to Rosendale Flooring, where your vision for the perfect living space becomes our mission. Flooring isn't just a part of your home; it's the foundation of your style. And at RFC, we understand this better than anyone. That's why we offer personalized guidance and expertise to transform your space.

The Dynamic Duo: Liz Doering and Chris Parisio:

Our team's strength lies in the dynamic combination of Liz Doering, our design expert, and Chris Parisio, the owner and veteran in the flooring industry. Liz brings over 20 years of local flooring design experience, ensuring each design reflects your unique style and practical needs. Complementing her design expertise is Chris, with his extensive knowledge and experience in the flooring industry. His insights into the technical aspects of flooring solutions add an unmatched depth to our services, making the RFC experience far superior to what you'd find with a part-time associate at any large box store.

Free Design Consultation - Crafting Your Dream Space:

The cornerstone of our service is our complimentary design consultation. Here, you meet with Liz and occasionally Chris to discuss your ideas and preferences. In this session, we map out your vision with Liz’s creative insights and Chris's technical perspective, ensuring that every aspect of your flooring choice is perfect for your space.

Sample Selection - Tailored to Your Taste:
Navigating through the myriad of flooring options is made simpler with our extensive range of samples. Under Liz's expert guidance, you'll find the perfect match for your home. Chris’s technical input ensures that the chosen flooring looks great and serves you well in the long run.

On-Site Estimates - Precision and Transparency:
Following the free design services consultation, we offer on-site estimates. Chris’s involvement ensures accuracy in measurements and cost calculations. We pride ourselves on transparency, so you'll receive a detailed and honest quote with no hidden surprises.

We Create Buying Experiences

At Rosendale Flooring, we don’t just sell floors; we craft experiences. Liz Doering and Chris Parisio's unique collaboration offers an unparalleled service beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about finding the right fit for your lifestyle, space, and budget. Let us guide you in making a choice you’ll cherish for years.

Ready to Get Started?
Are you ready to transform your home? Schedule your free design consultation with Liz Doering, backed by the expertise of Chris Parisio. Contact Rosendale Flooring today to start your journey to a beautiful, functional living space. Visit our website or showroom for more information and inspiration. Your dream floor is just a consultation away!