The Best Commercial Flooring Options

With every passing year, it seems that everyone is becoming much more conscious of the aesthetic quality of everything around them. It has come to a point where having a few cracks on the surface of one’s floors will be sure to cause negative reviews swamping the internet about how poorly maintained the area is.
​Whether one wants to renovate their school floors, their healthcare office, or a store, there are multiple commercial flooring options available in Kingston to choose from. For residential areas the obvious choice is hardwood. 

Most people prefer hardwood because it has the beautiful ability to expand and contract and it makes it very easy to walk on. However, hardwood is also very porous and therefore can buckle with too much exposure to water. Hardwood is very durable but it is expensive to have installed and to maintain; therefore, it is not the ideal option for commercial areas.

Public areas see a lot of wear and tear and have tremendously large amounts of traffic and therefore should have flooring that is virtually indestructible. One of the best options for commercial flooring is polished concrete.

When most people think of concrete they think of old cellars and unfinished garages, but this is no longer the case. If concrete is polished properly it can look like a very shiny and highly decorative stone flooring. 

Having concrete floors in places that have vehicles traveling through them is a great idea because it is incredibly difficult to damage a floor that is made entirely out of concrete. This flooring may not be very soft to walk on but it is incredibly durable and can have a variety of color options as well.

Concrete floors that have been polished are also significantly easy to clean. They simply have to be broomed and mopped and do not require sealing or other cleaning procedures to keep their shiny and pristine appearance.

Tile is also a great flooring for public areas. Tiles are incredibly versatile in their style and color. A person can select the tile that best fits their budget and suits their style and have it installed fairly easily. The best thing about tiles is that if one of them cracks, that single tile can be replaced quickly without having to change all the other tiles around it.

Tiles are also easy to clean and are softer to walk on then polished concrete. Installing new commercial flooring in Kingston is a great way to change up the look of one's domain and improve the customer and visitor satisfaction. New floors can increase the class of any restaurant or store at fairly affordable prices.