What Is COREtec Flooring?

There is a new era of flooring that has surfaced, and it promises more beauty and resistance than even hardwood floors in Kingston. For individuals who have a lot of traffic in their homes or for people who own pets, their floors can get destroyed pretty easily. A once shining floor can start looking old in a very short period of time when it is covered with scratch marks and other signs of damage.
A great alternative for individuals who absolutely love the hardwood look but want to have more resistance to their flooring is the new COREtec flooring. COREtec flooring has an increasing demand in the US, and it is becoming increasingly popular for a very good reason.

COREtec is a cork based vinyl flooring that looks and feels almost exactly like hardwood but is completely waterproof and scratch resistant at the same time. This absolutely stunning flooring comes in different designs and colors all of which mimic the natural look and colors of hardwood. The flooring constitutes many layers, the last of which is composed of cork. The cork prevents a build-up of mold and therefore further prolongs the life of one's floors. This cork base also makes the wood softer and quieter to walk on, which is a major advantage for individuals who live in shared housing and have kids and pets.

One of the biggest disadvantages of hardwood flooring is that it is very porous and has a tendency to buckle when exposed to moisture or humid environments. With COREtec this problem is completely alleviated as the flooring is water resistant. Hardwood flooring also has a tendency to get scratched fairly easily. This new cork based flooring is scratch resistant so that problem is alleviated as well.

Having clean and pristine floors is what makes a home look modern and truly contemporary. No matter how well-decorated or well-designed a room is, if the floors are damaged it will always look old and lack the desired class everyone aims for when decorating their room.

COREtec comes with a lifetime guarantee, and if it's installed properly it will give promising results every single time. These planks are among the most durable materials on the market right now and their most unique feature is how waterproof they are. The top layer consists of vinyl, but the inner core layer is made up of incredibly waterproof materials. The flooring is so waterproof that it can be submerged underwater for an extended period of time and still show no signs of damage. COREtec also contains no hazardous materials, and therefore it is a perfect flooring solution for any home.